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     RE: notifier.pl

> 1. there was a bug in the notifier.pl with 4.2.1, please get the version
> that I put out in the beta code (at the web site under downloads). The
> 'repeat' flag is not working in the 4.2.1.

There are some bugs down in Notify() as well.  Someone missed a '$' on
one of the '$i' keys for on of the associative arrays.

> 2. Make sure that you edit '$crontime' in the notifier.pl to match how
> often you run from your cron.
> Let me know if it still does not work.
> Incidentally, the noclogd 'piping' feature is pretty powerful and immediate
> notification (or whatever program you run).

Wouldn't it be nice if notifier could also be used with noclogd?