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     Re: How to get webnocol status update working?

Babu Koshy Konnayil wrote:
> I am not able to update the status of a purticular device
> problem through the web interface.
> 1. When a device is selected from the critical view then I get
>    a page with 6 menu buttons (SiteHelp, Updates, DeviceLogs,
> .....
>    On this page I clicked the Updates menu and my user-id authenticated
>    successfully.  No other information or form is displayed after the
>    successful authentication of my user-id.

Yes, the first time that you authenticate, you might get a blank screen.
But if you click on Updates again, yu should get the updates page since you
are already authenticated. (it was difficult saving the state before being

>    After the above action I went back to the NocolView but did not
>    see the comments I put in through the update interface.

The cgi will need write permission to create the cookies, updates, etc.
Since these are all text files, you can see if these updates are actualy
being added to the text 'update' file or not. See the instructions in the
webnocol.cgi file.

#       - Create a null $updatesfile $cookiefile and ensure that both are
#         writable by httpd (or owner of your web daemon).
#  etc. etc.

The updates will show up in the web pages the next time genweb.pl runs from
your crontab.