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     patch/make problem

Ok... I'm out-of-it... I'm trying to patch NOCOL4.2 on my box to 4.2.1
and I assumed I could just cd in to the parent of my source directory,
make sure that nocol-4.2 is linked to the source directory, then run
patch, another Configure and make, and make install... yet some of the
new stuff comes up with 0 file size (eg. notifier.pl) and some of the
other stuff that I thought was "fixed" (eg. webnocol.cgi) isn't even

So, right now I'm doing a "make" after a "make clean."  I certainly feel
that I'm probably not alone in this endeavor (and confusion), though I
guess I could be wrong (as I'm sort of "in a daze"), but perhaps it
would be good to put up a "nocol.4.2-4.2.1.patch.README" up on the FTP 
site or something.

(And I guess as long as I'm kvetching, perhaps it would be cool to
change the naming conventions on that site so that patches were put up
as patch.nocol-4.2-4.2.1 or similiar... *shrug*  Sorry... my dyslexic
eyes have gone batty on me...)


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