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     Re: webnocol.cgi problems

On Tue, 1 Sep 1998 jhenders@bogon.com wrote:

> Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 19:47:09 -0700
> From: jhenders@bogon.com
> To: nocol-users@navya.com
> Subject: webnocol.cgi problems
> I'm having a bit of trouble getting webnocol.cgi to work. I can
> authenticate properly but it doesn't seem to be setting many variables
> correctly. Here is the output with debug set to max. As you can see very
> few variables have been set and the userlevel is set to both 0 and 9.
> I'm using netscape 3.04 to access the site and the web server it's
> running is Apache 1.1.1 (old I know). The script is running with perl
> 5.004_04.

Sorry, I haven't really looked at the web interface to NOCOL yet, but,
if I recall correctly, part of the "problems" with Apache1.1x were the
environment variables and getting them set correctly... you should jump
up to at least 1.2.6 if not the current revision of 1.3 and see if that
helps (in my opinion).

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