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     Couple of questions :)

Hiya everyone,

Just downloaded and installed Nocol for the first time -

Couple of questions,

Just to get it running and to get me comfortable with it I have commented
out all dns/snmp checks etc.. and just have icmp checks running.

Everything is pinging ok except,

"localhost	RPCPingfailed	16:30	HostmonData	0	Warning"

I don't particularly desire to ping localhost. I can't find any references
to localhost in /nocol/etc/* and can't work out which config file it is
pulling it from.

All the sample hosts are commented out of rpcpingmon-confg

Secondly, how do you check if a web server is responding on port 80? (or

Thirdly, I'm a bit confused as to regards of having multiple hosts report
to nocol

To monitor the etherload/diskspace etc.. on another machine which nocol
binaries do I run on the other machine?

i.e. I have machine A as the nocol host - I also want to log the
activities of machine B and C - what do I put onto B and C?

Running Linux & Solaris.


Gavin Cato
System Administrator
Geko Internet P/L
(02) 9439-1999