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     Re: webnocol.cgi problems

I've actually done all of that and still have numerous probelms
with the "Please wait..." page showing up all of the time.  

Running 4.2.1, in the Critical.html file, I click on one
site name, get the Please Wait... screen and it goes back
to the Critical.html page rather than the one that allows
me to enter comments or to troubleshoot.

Any suggestions?


On Wed, Sep 02, 1998 at 12:08:35AM -0400, Vikas Aggarwal wrote:
> > I'm having a bit of trouble getting webnocol.cgi to work.
> > ...
> > Is webnocol.cgi supposed to run standalone or is it
> > supposed to have a form call it? If called by a form does anyone have a
> You should run 'genweb.pl' periodically from the crontab (once a minute).
> This will create 5 html pages for you which will reference webnocol.cgi
> to do its dirty job.
> I have put a sample of the genweb.pl output at:
> 	http://www.netplex-tech.com/software/nocol/sample1/
> Clicking on the site names will run the webnocol.cgi with the appropriate
> variables filled in.
> Sorry for the poor documentation (perhaps I should fix the INSTALL).
> 	-vikas

Bob Collie, VP/Chief Technical Officer, Telalink Corporation