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     Re: outage note//scheduled outage

On Tue, Sep 01/98, Vikas Aggarwal <vikas@navya.com> wrote:
> Umm, this is exactly what has been added into the 'web' interface for
> nocol (webnocol.cgi  and genweb.pl).
> I was hoping that I can stop further development on the curses interface
> and add more features to the web interface instead. Do people need this
> feature in the curses interface still ? I can add 'supression' by looking
> at the outages/updates file (written by the web interface).

I'm a diehard console user so I hope development on the curses version
doesn't stop completely. I like the curses version because I can leave
it running in an xterm iconised with mapalert set and have it pop up any
time something goes critical. It would be nice if it could be programmed
to ignore scheduled maintenance outages. I haven't even installed the
web interface yet but if that was necessary to manage the outage
sheduling I would.

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