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     outage note//scheduled outage

I've recently come up with an idea that I'd like to see integrated into
NETCONSOLE (the GUI).  Upon noting an outage, it would be useful if 
NOC personnel could then go in and make some kind of short line comment
that would (1) identify who is working on the trouble or (2) some
small status update regarding the issue.  This is similar to what is
allowed within ROVER.  Also, it would be nice if data could be pre-loaded
for future outages so that when the next outage is determined within
the specified time, the site would not be moved to critical and as thus 
not page those in charge as well as noting it on the GUI.

Let me know if this needs more explanation.  Often times, my comments do.


Bob Collie, VP/Chief Technical Officer, Telalink Corporation