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     Re: etherload logging to remote machine'

On Mon, Aug 24/98, Vikas Aggarwal <vikas@navya.com> wrote:
> The nocol specific code is in etherload/nocol_specific.c
> Make sure that this remote host is in your noclogd-conf. Also, remember
> that an event will be logged ONLY WHEN THE state *changes*. Hence, do
> not expect to see a log entry every minute, etc. It will log only when
> the load goes from Info -> Warning or something.

Ok. That must be why I didn't see anything. I'll have to see if I can
cause it to change state.
> You can also run noclogd in debug mode.

For some reason noclogd wasn't working in debugging mode if I used su
nocol -c noclogd -d to start it. If I su'd to the account first it works

Also, noclogd doesn't appear to handle multiple entries in it's config
file the way I expected/would like it to. I'd like to be able to have a
file log of critical messages and a pipe to a beep-oncall script. If I
have them in the confg file like this.

*               critical        /opt/nocol/logs/critical
*               critical        |/nocol/etc/beep_oncall^admin@foo.com
*               error           /opt/nocol/logs/error
*               warning         /opt/nocol/logs/warning
*               info            /opt/nocol/logs/info

If doesn't actually seem to call the beep_oncall script. Note I've
tested the beep_oncall script from the command line with a typical log
entry and it works.

Is there a way to get multiple outputs for the same info?

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