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     Re: etherload logging to remote machine'

> Is there anyway to debug why etherload is not logging to my nocol host
> when it runs on another machine? I've got the remote machine in the
> noclogd config file, but looking through the source code for etherload I
> can't even see any code for attempting to connect to LOGHOST and no
> calls to any of the library eventlog routines. Am I missing something
> here?

The nocol specific code is in etherload/nocol_specific.c

Make sure that this remote host is in your noclogd-conf. Also, remember
that an event will be logged ONLY WHEN THE state *changes*. Hence, do
not expect to see a log entry every minute, etc. It will log only when
the load goes from Info -> Warning or something.

You can also run noclogd in debug mode.