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     New bgpmon w/ascend support v1.0b

  • To: Matt Stein <matt at ican net>
  • Subject: New bgpmon w/ascend support v1.0b
  • From: "Jonathan A. Zdziarski - Systems Administrator" <jonz at netrail net>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 22:12:33 -0400 (EDT)
OK I had some time to finish my version of bgpmon, which supports both
criscos, and ascend grf's (and any other router than can do a bgp summary
can probably have its own comprehension entry).  The reason it's beta is
because I haven't had time to fully test it yet (although I have tested it
to some degree), and i also don't have a cisco to test it on; i'm not
positive whether or not ciscos report 'established' or what for an up
peer.  if anyone feels like gracing me with this information i'll correct
the config as needed.

this release does support however:

- ability to have different types of routers, and define parsing for the
bgp summary of them all
- ability to have different passwords for each router
- displays BGP/(routername) as the variable name for ease
- displays AS number and IP in name
- severity control by as number
- ability to define single peers in the config, or...
- better yet, the ability to specify a single router, and have bgpmon grab
all the peer entries off the router, and display them as individual
entries in nocol

tomorrow, i'll be finishing the updatepeer subroutine, so that it will be
called once every hour or two, to grab any peers that were not previously
read (say, if a router is down when the script is started)

you can grab v1.0b at http://www.netrail.net/bgpmon.tar - please let me
know of all bugs and corrections I need to make before i release v1.0
(next couple days if all goes well, and I get some sleep)

PS: make sure you backup your existing bgpmon and bgpmon-confg before
installing this; you may also wish to set $DEBUG to 1 if you are having

Thank you,

Jonathan A. Zdziarski
Senior Systems Administrator
Netrail, Inc.
888.NET.RAIL x242