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     New BGP Monitor

  • To: Matt Stein <matt at ican net>
  • Subject: New BGP Monitor
  • From: "Jonathan A. Zdziarski - Systems Administrator" <jonz at netrail net>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 17:22:08 -0400 (EDT)
In response to those of you who were asking about my ascend grf bgp
monitor, in cleaning it up, I decided to do a rewrite and turn it into a
bgpmon replacement; the version I'm working on support both grf's and
ciscos, and just about any other router than can do a bgp summary (you can
set up comprehension definitions in the config).

The replacement supports the following other features...

- Allows both one-line-per-peer configuration, or a 'batch' configuration
where you specify the router address, and bgpmon grabs all the peernames
from the summary and posts them as individual entries (very useful for
routers with hundreds of peers)

- Allows severity changes based on as number

- reports the router (or as number - toggleable) as part of the variable

- nocollib.pl compatible (unlike my last messy version)

- allows different passwords/router types in one config

I'll be finished with it probably tonight or tomorrow; my wife just gave
birth, so I've been working from home on my 28.8, which feels like a 2400
baud in the rain.

Thank you,

Jonathan A. Zdziarski
Senior Systems Administrator
Netrail, Inc.
888.NET.RAIL x242