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     [snips-users] Re: snmp (was: hostmon-client.linux & /proc/)

For me, the big benefit of a perl-based hostmon is the ease with which I can toss together a new monitor.

My boss calls and says, "Can you tell me the average number of outstanding issues during the day?" and by the time he's done giving me a long-winded explanation about why he wants that, I can have a graph up on that machine's snips monitoring screen, and in 24 hours he has a pretty graph of how many outstanding transactions, and if he wants, the business manager can get paged when the number of issues goes above some threshold.

I'm a star.

Now, yes, I know that I could make an addition to the MIBs on the SNIPS host machine and agent machine, make the addition to the the SNMP agent, add the line to snmp-conf -- but it's much easier to write eight lines of Perl in my local hostmon file and add one line to hostmon-config and its call to hostmon-osclient.

This brings me to a small feature request. As you can see, I very often make additions to the hostmon agent. I could patch those into hostmon-osclient, or I could patch them into the hostmon-client.myOS - but those get upgraded during an upgrade. So I put them into a file called hostmon.locals, and add another require to hostmon-osclient.

If many people do this, maybe we could make it part of the distribution. Presumably it would mean:
- looking for the file in question,
- sucking up the functions in it,
- adding an array found in the required file, to the list of functions
to be called.

In a perfect world it would recompile that file on every iteration so I didn't have to take hostmon-osclient down to make additions.

Daniel MacKay
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, +1 902.499.0488

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software