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     RE: [snips-users] remote probes

You may want to consider samba instead of NFS then.
Just a thought.

All The Best,
Brian Andrus
Millenia Internet Services, Inc.

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On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 09:26:39AM +0000, Joe Warren-Meeks wrote:

> >Hmmm... ok, if it's "working" kinda, then I'm guessing you have 
> >network connectivity between the two.  So you're just asking about 
> >getting the RRD files to the main system??  Perhaps use something 
> >like rsync over ssh to pull data back on a regular basis?  Would that
solve it?
> Yeah, I did consider that and that would work, but that means doing 
> rsync over ssh every 1 minute as that is the granularity our 
> manglement expect.
> Guess I'll have to try it and see.
> Cheers!

Me, I'd tell them "history is 15 minutes delayed" and do the rsync
less-often.  Granularity remains the same, but the results are 1-15m old.

Russell M. Van Tassell
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