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     [snips-users] Wierdness in SNIPS.so


I'm experiencing some weirdness in some functions of the shared C library
for SNIPS 1.1.

When looking at the netconsole or web display for SNIPS, I'm seeing the
In the 'Device Name' field, i'm seeing hostmon entries with "sub-device"
info prepended to the machine name where that sub-device is not relevant.

For instance the web interface looks like this...
1 | Critical | /opt+host | host | CPUus=90 | 8/23 15:00 | hostmon

I've noticed that the "DFinodes_%used" sensor for the /opt partition is the
last hostmon output line that has a fourth (comment) field.  This led me to
believe that perhaps that scalar wasn't being cleared or undefined at the
beginning of the loop, but looking closer at the code and adding a few print
statements, I've come to the conclusion that this error isn't in hostmon
itself, but rather the functions assigned to the shared C library.

I modified genweb.cgi to use print_event() and sent that output to STDERR
and sure enough the weirdness seems to be either stored in the datafile for
hostmon via write_event() or alter_event() or it's showing it's ugly face in
the read_event() and print_event() functions.

I've looked in SNIPS.pm to see what those functions are actually doing, but
to no avail because the sub routines aren't even in the SNIPS perl module.
I don't know enough about C or calling shared C libraries from a perl module
to be able to debug any further.

Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Kirk Lightfoot
Sr. Unix Administrator
Sony On-Line Entertainment

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software