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     [snips-users] snmpmon-collector and cisco for uptime

I'm trying to query our dialup terminal access server using snmp packages that comes with snips.
It works from the command line.
server# ./snmpget dts.fakedomain.ca fakecommunity system.sysUpTime.0
Name: system.sysUpTime.0 -> Timeticks: (34057798) 3 days, 22:36:17

However, it does not work when I run snmpmon and snmpcollector.
my snmpmon.conf file...
system.sysUpTime.0     dts.drenet.dnd.ca      1        2       5
dts.fakedomain.ca      fakecommunity      system

I modified a little bit the snmpmon-collector...
$MIBENTERPRISE = ".iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises"
In the "sub init_system"  I specified
my $prefix = "$MIBENTERPRISE"

my @lvars = qw(ucdavis.systemStats.ssCpuIdle.0 ucdavis.laTable.laEntry.laLoad
.1, system.sysUpTime.0);

When I run snmpmon and snmpmon-collector - snmpmon-collector gives me something like "Invalid object identifier"
"Error in packet.
Reason: There is no such variable name in this MIB." and this makes sense because I'm referring the wrong tree.

My question is what is the full correct identifier for system.sysUpTime.0.

Note: the ssCpuIdle and laLoad I used to monitor other linux system works.
server# ./snmpget mailserver fakecommunity .iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.ucdavis.systemStats.ssCpuIdle.0
and returns the valuse below...
Name: .iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.ucdavis.systemStats.ssCpuIdle.0 -> INTEGER: 94

Also, is there a way I can use snips package to monitor if all the lines in the dts are busy. Users use up all the lines by dialing in.

Thank you.

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