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     Re: [snips-users] Graph titles begin with '%20'

> At 10:59 -0800 05/1/20, Russell wrote:
> OK, I downloaded
> http://www.netplex-tech.com/software/downloads/snips/snip1.2beta2.tar.gz
> And installed it.  I notice that genweb.cgi stills says;
> 	my $SNIPSVERSION = "1.1";
> ... is there a reason for this?

I'm pretty sure that is just part of the things that need to get fixed so
we can drop the 'beta2' part.

> So - if I fix things with 1.2beta2, what should I do with the fix
> suggestions?

Post it here an one of the people with commit privledges on the CVS tree
will update it.

> For instance, when I click on the name of a parameter at the top of
> the rrdgraph.cgi page, it still does not take me to that anchor,
> which is a very simple fix.

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