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     [snips-users] what is variable value of 0 in portmon


       I'm running snips and initially configured
portmon for purposes of receiving notification
via email when the monitored host is not reachable.

Part of my portmon config file...

HOST  TEST-WEB      WWW-port   80   Critical  GET /
info           <HEAD>

Now, when I get the following notification ...

 Snips Summary Report for MY NETWORK

Site:              TEST-WEB
Variable Name:    WWW-port
Variable Value:   0
Critical since:   15:23 on 07/11

the variable value is 0. I'm not sure where this value is coming from and
what does it mean. I also have another device being portmon monitored as
well and
which is up but when I view it from the web interface or from the logs
the variable value is 0 also. Can i get (how) a more descriptive variable
value like
198 mb as used in hostmon monitoring tool.

Please explain.

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software