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     In Just 48 HOURS!!! Guaranteed!

Title: Goodman Systems, Inc - Flyer

   Goodman Systems, inc

Yes, That's right! We guarantee to get your web site FOUND and SEEN on the major search engines in 48 HOURS or your money back!

Have you found this to be true:
When you search for your website on many of the search engines you cannot find it or when you do you find it is on the back pages! Can this be changed? YES

What the.NET, The Internet Magazine said:
You have your web site designed and have sorted out the maintenance and waiting for the business to roll in, but there's one small problem.... No one knows
!" You need a professional company to do it!. Getting onto the worlds search engines and high in their listings doesn't just happen. You have to be put there!

YOU may be unaware of this Shocking fact:
Your web site designer and your host are NOT responsible for getting your web site seen! Yes, they may submit your site to a few search engines periodically but to stay on the TOP of the search engines is an aggressive business.
Goodman Systems, inc
is a world leader in Professional Web Site submission
For only $139.97
We guarantee that your web site will be FOUND and SEEN!

The fact is that over 80 million real people use the search engines every day. Search engines are the most effective way of reaching your customers. So you must be on them! We guarantee to give your web site the exposure that it deserves both locally and globally. Using the expertise of years in the industry our aim is to get you to the top of the search engine listings and then keep you there. Guaranteed!

To submit your site all we need is your web site and E mail address.
We will do the rest!

To Book our Service simply press this Button to go to our web site and we can begin submitting your web site to the worlds search engines today!

The results will astound you!
What will happen next?

We will submit your web site to the top search engines every two days. We guarantee that your web site will be on them within 48 Hours and then we will submit your web site to another 1000 top search engines and directories every 30 days. So once we have got you onto the search engines you will stay on them!

BUT we do more: We will submit your site using the most effective meta tags and keywords. How do we know which are the most effective ones to use on your web site? Our team of experts will examine your website and see what meta-tags and keywords you are presently using and then replace them with keywords and meta-tags from the top companies in your category. If it works for them it will work for you! See our testimonials.

So YOUR web site can be FOUND and SEEN
For Twelve months! Guaranteed!

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For more information or to contact us please go to our web site and press the support desk button.

Goodman Systems, Inc
The World Leader in Professional Web Site Submission






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