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     Re: [snips-users] Logstats.pl

, snips said:
> Dear All
> I think you have probably already answered this once but my mailbox has
> been screwed since then.

I asked that question about a month ago, haven't gotten a resolution
yet, I think I can figure out a fix but haven't spent any time on it
since. I hope to look into it more soon.

since my snips is purely proof-of-concept monitoring my home network
it's not a priority for me :)

one thing to try, is get nocol's log reporter and run it, no idea if
the log formats are compadible but can't hurt to try.

it may be easiest to write a perl script to preprocess the log files
to a format the nocol log monitor can understand if infact the snips
logfiles are incompadible by default, before passing the data to the
nocol log monitor.


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