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     Re: [Fwd: Re: [snips-users] error in log or where is a maintainer?]

> > ...question being, what Vikas might think of such a thing?  I seem to
> > remember previous opposition to outside help?  (though I know he's
> > gladly accepted patches from me in the past and has applied them in
> > later releases)
> I've noticed the same thing. I too was donating patches to the project and 
> they have all been accepted. This list has been very inactive too. Hopefully
> Vikas is reading this and will either help or at the least give us his okay 
> to go to sourceforge.

It's been my general observation that this list tends to be rather
"bursty" in nature, perhaps with an influx of "new" people.  As I've
said, I'd love to see more interest drummed up on this and development
start to move forward again (*pokes Vikas* *chuckle*).

> At one point I think Vikas had set up a CVS server and offered to give poeple
> who asked update access. I asked for it but never got it.

Hmmm... I hadn't seen that (else would have jumped at the idea), but at
one point I had dropped the tree under my own CVS server -- probably just
better to get Vikas' blessing and hit Sourceforge though, nowadays (not
like that hasn't already been said... HeHe)


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