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     RE: [snips-users] Radiusmon

Yes, we are using it to monitor our freeradius servers. The standard
radiusmon config works just fine:

# hostname   address         port  secret   username  password
# --------   -------         ----  ------   --------  --------
solar  1645  r1dius   test      test1ing

The only thing I can think of right off hand would be to make sure you
are using the correct port number in the radiusmon-confg file. I'm
pretty sure freeradius uses port 1812 by default. Check for "radius" in
the /etc/services file on the freeradius server for the port number its

Jeremy Palmer
Network Administration
Great Basin Internet Services

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	Is anyone using RADIUSMON against FreeRadius? We can't seem to
get it
to see the server as up.

		Thanks, Tuc/TTSG Internet Services, Inc.

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