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     [snips-users] SNIPS Win32 Hostmon.


Just to share with you guys a Hostmon client that uses the Win32 API.


Using the "instrsrv.exe" and "srvany.exe" from the Windows Resource Kit,
you should be able to get it running as a service in Windows.

Acceptable parameters are:
	Hostmon.exe port [allowed_IP]

The output will be in the form of the following when you telnet to the
Hostmon port specified above.

TIME X secs
Uptime X mins
DFspace_avail X MB C:\
DFspace_%used X %full C:\
Mem_total X MB
Mem_avail X MB
Mem_%used X %used
Paging_total X MB
Paging_avail X MB
Paging_%used X %used

Hope this helps. :)

Tan Shao Yi

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software