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     Re: [snips-users] Notifier vs sniplogd question

Hi Mark,

that's more or less the way I understood it too :)



Mark Ching wrote:
Thanks for the note. It has validated that I'm on the right track. Now, after have slept on the issue, I revisited the confg files. I finally noticed the -1 age for a notification. That was the last part I was missing. How did snipslogd send STDIN to notifier and send info to the right person.

So this is what I have as my default notifier line.

default chingmd:email:0 chingmd_pager:email:60 curtis:email:240 chingmd:email:-1


If I understand things right.

When a system hits a critical state, I get email immediately, after it's at critical for 60 minutes I get paged, and curtis gets email at 4 hours. (all without hourly reminders)

chingmd:email:-1 only applies to the snipslogd daemon and piped commands.

Based on these entries:

*       Critical        |/tool/adclocal_home/snips-1.2b2/bin/notifier.pl^-
*       Warning         |/tool/adclocal_home/snips-1.2b2/bin/notifier.pl^-

When a monitor goes from info to Warning, it send me an email (based on the configured snipsperld and notifier.pl scripts). When it hits Error email is sent to me based on that it left Warning. And finally sends an email when it hits Critical.

So they work together, but piped data to notifier looks for a -1 age for STDIN.



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