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     Re: [snips-users] hostmon Client

on the client:

ps -fu snips
see if hostmon is running, look at the child proceses like 'vmstat' they should change every minute or so.
it could happen that it stuck - because vmstat (or else) options are not correct.

look in /tmp/`hostname`.hostmon - the file should be current and contain data

telnet from server to client to snips port 5355 see if you see the same file like on client /tmp/...

look in /tmp/hostmon-collector/ (or so) dir if the file gets there or not...


Schuran, Sven wrote:

the hostmon Client is not generating new data, so I get a critical after 20 mins.

What might be wrong here? Debug logfiles, have nothing in it to think about.

Thanks Sven

Dmitry Sazonov x4168
UNIX sysadmin, AAMC

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