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     Re: [snips-users] hostmon errors

Yes, I think there are more details of this in the archive... it would
seem to be a "simple" partition of something being close to full (in the
default config).  It's been seen, but personally I've not gone after it
and tried to find it for Vikas... but, once I started keeping my root
partition less-than-close-to-full, it seemed to go away (well, the alert
did - I think it may still log, though).

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 08:30:13AM -0600, Orrie wrote:
> Hi,
>   Has anyone else experienced the following behavior with hostmon.  I'm
> running hostmon which is monitoring only two servers and RRDtool data
> collection is enabled.  After hostmon runs for several hours, I'll start
> getting the following in the hostmon.error file located in the run directory:
> 	ERROR: snips_rrd() empty devicename '' or variable ''
>   This line will be repeated each time hostmon runs and the only way I
> can fix it is to stop and restart the hostmon process.  It will then
> run fine for several more hours and then suddenly start producing this
> error again at which time hostmon need to be restarted once more to
> clear it.  It's obviously getting empty strings and then reporting from
> rrd_funcs.c in line 82 but I'm not sure why.  Can someone offer some
> thoughts?  Thanks so much.
>   Orrie
>   orrie at colorado edu 

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