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     Ynt: [snips-users] /bin/ping vs. /usr/local/snips/bin/multiping

Thank you, Jerry -- attached are three png files that show the effect of moving from multiping to /bin/ping at about 12:40.  We had been having this problem for months.  Many -- though not all -- devices showed ping times that were several hundred milliseconds higher than what /bin/ping would show from the same server.  It was almost definitely not a routing or other network problem.
-- Ali ISIK, engineer, ERE/ESER Telekom
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Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2002 1:36 AM
Subject: RE: [snips-users] /bin/ping vs. /usr/local/snips/bin/multiping

read: http://www.netplex-tech.com/software/snips/design.html under the monitors section.  if you monitor many devices, you will quickly find that /bin/ping cannot keep up.
it's probably seeing the high rtt before you do.  i havent seen it send a false positive out before... 

Jerry Wilborn, Network Operations
FASTNET - Internet Solutions

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Subject: [snips-users] /bin/ping vs. /usr/local/snips/bin/multiping

Yesterday, we moved ippingmon from
because the former was showing artificially high round-trip times.  Has anybody had this problem?  Any downside to using the system ping?
I am new to the list.  Forgive me if I am raising an RTFM sense.
-- Ali ISIK, engineer, ERE/ESER Telekom

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