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     Re: [snips-users] pushing the limits of snipslogd

snipslogd uses UDP only (not tcp) for speed and prevent blocking in connect().
It does not support TCP.

The queuing would be useful (almost needed) in tcp mode.


Jerry Wilborn wrote:

> first question:
> the readme and website seem to lead one to believe that snipslogd can
> support tcp, but a sniffer reveals that it uses udp.  does anyone know how
> to force it in to tcp mode?  long backhaul or cross country transit links
> are typically stable, but bad things happen to good packets.
> second question:
> say you have two sites (we'll use LA and NYC as examples).  the site in NYC
> is the logging machine the one in LA monitors things there and reports the
> logs back to NYC.  the link between the two sites goes down, would there be
> any way (without writing a custom monitoring piece) to have it queue the
> logs, or something fancy?
> has anyone done anything like this?
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