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     Re: [snips-users] TextView still beeping after critical systems restored

The 'beeping' is to indicate a 'change in state' and you have to
acknowledge it to turn it off. When any test changes state again, it will
again start beeping.

There is a command line option to disable beeping altogether when you
start it up.


"James Kahn (AKL)" wrote:

>  Hello,We have a monitoring station that sits in the corner of the
> office on an old pentium, running debian linux, constantly displaying
> TextView via a ssh session to our network mangement station.  Once a
> system goes critical, it starts beeping.  However, when the critical
> list is cleared and all systems are at "info" level again, the beeping
> continues and the only way to stop it is to exit TextView and connect
> the ssh session again.  This is annoying, to say the least.I understand
> that the beeping is meant to cease when there are no critical level
> systems, correct?  How do I stop the beeping once it starts?James Kahn.

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