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     Re: [snips-users] Database Backend..


du to the implementation of the updates-file policy etc., and the 
problems I had with locking these files (occuring in data losses), I 
have at least implemented the updates-files stuff using a database 
backend. I also think, that it shouldn't be a problem to write a 
mysql-Backend to replace the Cricital,Info,Warning,Error etc. files.

I don't know If I should release the code - as it's a quick hack - but 
so far I've modified:
updates.pl also having a ext_updates.pl script, and of course the 
genweb.pl, webnocol.cgi script to go into the DB instead of reading files.

So - if you're interested, let me know and I'll send these to you.
This, for Nocol (not snips), and it does not solves the reload-problem - 
but I circumvented it with a reload-lock file to prevent from erasing 
data during the reload period in the updates-db.



rpalma at nac net wrote:
> I've been using SNIPS/Nocol for almost 4 years now.. There have been posts
> to the mailing list in the past about a database backend for it.  Has anyone
> written anything like this?  Is this something that will be included in
> future releases?

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