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     [snips-users] Re: Help!!! :-(

Thanks for your help,

I want to make you another question, how can recevie traps in snips, what is the configuration


Vikas Aggarwal wrote:


Alexandra Alvarado wrote:

Can you be more specific in the configuration of snips, example:

1.- Is it normal?, I would like have only one entry with the name "alexandra" and in it, see all the messages, actually when i enter in each "alexandra link" i can see the same "general graphs" information

#     Status    Device Name      Address       Variable/ Value    DownAt    Monitor    Updates
2   Critical    alexandra      xx.xx.xx.xx        Portmapper= 0    11/20    16:21   rpcpingmon
3   Critical    alexandra      xx.xx.xx.xx        Thruput= 0           11/20    20:15   tpmon
7   Critical    alexandra      xx.xx.xx.xx        NEWSport= 0      11/20    16:35   portmon
8   Info          alexandra      xx.xx.xx.xx        SMTPport= 0       11/21    9:5        portmon

In snips, each 'test' is on a separate line and not grouped together for each device. You put all the devices you want to monitor using PINGMON in the ippnigmon config file and so on.
2.- Have i configure one entry for each server and each port of the server that i have to check in "portmon" file or exist any other options with SNIPS?

3.- I have a cisco router  3600, i don't understand how to configure it to appear in the monitor

Just put its IP address in the ippingmon and other config files and restart the monitor.
4.- I would like use hostmon, but i don't know how to use it?
Run hostmon-client on your host computers, and hostmon on the snips host.
5.- How to configure snmp traps?
Try running snmptrapd.


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