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     Re: [snips-users] FIXED - hostmon-collector on Solaris 2.5.1 failing (hostmon DataAge reaches OldCrit)

Happy to say that I had a sideline conversation with Vikas and this
would appear to be "fixed" in the new beta; at least it is behaving
closer to something I think is "fixable" and, at least, values have
been populated as I'd expect.  I am still not quite sure about the
SNMP piece of it, however (but will work on it tomorrow).

One piece that seems to be a problem (at least with netconsole/snipstv)
are the overly long device values.  Specifically, I'm talking about
things like somemailrelay.somedomain.com for MailQDest variables within
hostmon.  However, I'll hook up the web frontend tomorrow morning and
see what comes out of that, instead.

Oh yeah... the "disk space" thresholds still seem to be of issues...
like the current warning... (split across multiple lines for read-

      Device             Address          Date  Time  +- Sender -+
     /export+enchost  enchost            10/30 00:45  hostmon

   +-- Variable --+ +-Value-+  +-Thres-+   Units   Flags  State 
      DFspace_%used        92        101     %full  002  Warning

Thanks again Vikas!


On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 02:58:15PM -0800, Russell Van Tassell wrote:
> For some weird reason, would seem as though the hostmon-collector is
> failing on Solaris 2.5.1 with no real errors... the "DataAge" from
> hostmon comes through, so I'm assuming that's working fine (ie. the
> problem isn't in "hostmon" itself; it's not getting any data to process
> from the collector).
>     [...]
> Help?!?
> Russell
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