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     [snips-users] RRDtool problem, and snmpmon problem

I'm using snips-1.2beta, and I remembered to install RRD tool before
(Helpful: I noticed that the "Can't find RRDs.pm" problem required
Debian's librrds-perl package to be installed.)

When I want to look at the graphs for a device/host I'm getting broken
images and this error message in my webserver's log files:

RRD error for /usr/local/snips/rrddata/a/athena/DataAge.rrd - invalid
rpn expression 'info,UN,UNKN,info,0,EQ,0,UNKN,IF,IF'

I had to read the source and make a guess to find out what DataAge
means; perhaps some *:default files could be added to 'device-help/' on

I'm also getting no data from the snmpmon -- execpt for DataAge.  After
setting "$debug = 1;" in snmpmon, here's run/snmpmon.errors:

snmpmon- Reading global config file /usr/local/snips/etc/snips.conf
(snmpmon).. locked pid-file, started new process (pid=23222)
(dbg) Total variables in config= 2
(dbg) Configured thresholds are:
         thress[0] = SYS.sysUpTime      .+      600     300     180
         thress[1] = UCDAVIS.systemStats.ssCpuIdle      .+      25     
15      01
Doing datafile /tmp/snmpmon_data/mnemosyne.snmpmon
ERROR: Could not open /tmp/snmpmon_data/mnemosyne.snmpmon:No such file
or directory
Doing datafile /tmp/snmpmon_data/mnemosyne.snmpmon
ERROR: Could not open /tmp/snmpmon_data/mnemosyne.snmpmon:No such file
or directory

Here's my etc/snmpmon-confg:
SYS.sysUpTime   *       600 300 180
UCDAVIS.systemStats.ssCpuIdle   *       25  15  01
mnemosyne       public  system ucdavis

(UCDAVIS is something I added to bin/snmpmon-collector, copying the
EMPIRE stuff.  I wouldn't bother the mailing list if just this was
broken, but the above RRD tool stuff, and the absence of both ssCpuIdle
and sysUpTime data makes me wonder.)

/tmp/snmpmon_data didn't exist the first time I tried this, so I made it
by hand.  Since /tmp tends to get erased on reboot for many UNIX
machines, I changed line 95 to '/tmp/snmpmon_data' and uncommented line
105.  I tried changing them back but I still have these error messages.

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