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     Re: [snips-users] Integrating with a manager of managers

Carl Windsor wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience of integrating SNIPS or NOCOL with another
> manager of managers such as HP Openview, Netcool Omnibus or BMC Patrol EM?
> (i.e. so NOCOL/SNIPS has to sent events to a higher level manager).  I
> cannot see any details of a TRAP facility for Nocol.
> Looking at the documentation I think it can be done by taking a feed from
> noclogd (or snipslogd) and sending it to the MoM for parsing using netcat or
> similar and a listener at the other end to either write the data to file for
> reading or pass directly into to the MoM.  Rather than reinvent the wheel
> though advice of others experience would be helpful.


Using snipslogd is the correct way to do it (run an external program from
it) to feed from NOCOL into your HPOV, etc.

In the Fidelia NetVigil product, we followed a different approach for
integration with these products. For HP Openview NNM we extract the
list of devices and topology information and do the polling of disk,
cpu, traffic using our snmp engine (which is pretty fast). We did
this because NNM doesn't really collect and store this data anyway.
We are working on feeding into NNM using traps for now.

For HP-ITO, we wrote an SNMP interface to extract the data from their
measureware agents and store it long term in Fidelia's monitoring system
and generate reports and/or events from that data.

For Netcool, we wrote an event feeder *into* OmniBus since it handles
events pretty well, and our product can scale to handle 10k devices by
deploying more probes and generate events pretty efficiently.

We are also adding a generic interface for inserting events and other
tests into *our* product (we have device dependencies built into our
system already for supressing alarms from downstream devices and tests).

I dont have much knowledge of BMC Patrol EM... are many people using it?


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