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     Re: [snips-users] Wierdness in SNIPS.so


Your problem is a known bug. I've run into it myself. You did far more
debugging than I did. I don't know what the status is (IE: if it is
being actively worked on by anyone).

"Lightfoot, Kirk" wrote:
> I'm experiencing some weirdness in some functions of the shared C library
> for SNIPS 1.1.
> When looking at the netconsole or web display for SNIPS, I'm seeing the
> following...
> In the 'Device Name' field, i'm seeing hostmon entries with "sub-device"
> info prepended to the machine name where that sub-device is not relevant.
> For instance the web interface looks like this...
> 1 | Critical | /opt+host | host | CPUus=90 | 8/23 15:00 | hostmon
> I've noticed that the "DFinodes_%used" sensor for the /opt partition is the
> last hostmon output line that has a fourth (comment) field.  This led me to
> believe that perhaps that scalar wasn't being cleared or undefined at the
> beginning of the loop, but looking closer at the code and adding a few print
> statements, I've come to the conclusion that this error isn't in hostmon
> itself, but rather the functions assigned to the shared C library.
> I modified genweb.cgi to use print_event() and sent that output to STDERR
> and sure enough the weirdness seems to be either stored in the datafile for
> hostmon via write_event() or alter_event() or it's showing it's ugly face in
> the read_event() and print_event() functions.
> I've looked in SNIPS.pm to see what those functions are actually doing, but
> to no avail because the sub routines aren't even in the SNIPS perl module.
> I don't know enough about C or calling shared C libraries from a perl module
> to be able to debug any further.
> Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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