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     [snips-users] SNIPS interface weirdness...

I'm experiencing some weirdness in the web and snipstv interface for SNIPS
1.1.  I saw this oddity version in 1.0 as well.

In the 'Device Name' field, i'm seeing hostmon entries with "sub-device"
info prepended to the machine name where that sub-device is not relevant.

For instance the web interface looks like this...
1 | Critical | /opt+host | host | CPUus=90 | 8/23 15:00 | hostmon

and the snipstv interface looks like this...

/opt+host | host | _0000 | 15:37 | CPUus | 97 | Critical

There are also several others hostmon sensors where sub-device info is being
prepended to the hostname.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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