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     [snips-users] hostmon-collector telnet method problem

I've been having a problem with the hostmon-collector in snips. For me,
the try_telnet dies part way through. Vikas was unable to reproduce the
problem. I think it may be a perl version issue. I'm experiencing this
problem on both FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE and Solaris 8 SPARC. in both cases
I'm using perl 5.005_03.

I've tracked down the problem and fixed it.  Here is a patch for the
hostmon-collector that fixes this problem:

*** hostmon-collector   Sun Aug  5 10:28:16 2001
--- hostmon-collector.m Wed Aug 22 12:24:41 2001
*** 180,187 ****
--- 180,189 ----
  sub newSocket {
    my ($host, $service, $nport, $proto) = @_ ;
    use Socket;
+   use FileHandle;
    my ($port, $remote_addr, $paddr, $SOCK);
+   $SOCK = new FileHandle;
    $proto = 'tcp' unless $proto;
    $port = getservbyname($service, $proto) if $service;
    $port = $nport unless $port;

Ean Kingston (eankingston at home com)

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software