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     [snips-users] Ploblems with snipsweb.cgi


I am trying to install SNIPS to replace my old NOCOL program.
The monitors work fine, but I have some problems with the WEB interface.

When I want to view the logs of one of the devices I am monitoring, the
snipsweb.cgi has two errors:

When I click the device, it generates the next command:

and that is the log error:
> Global symbol "$var" requires explicit package name at
/usr/local/snips/www/cgi-bin/snipsweb.cgi line 747.
> Execution of /usr/local/snips/www/cgi-bin/snipsweb.cgi aborted due to
compilation errors.
I have not found any $var (there is a $variable) symbol in the perl
script.  The RRD Tool is installed in my host.

I have comented this lines (workaround for this problem but I want to
plot graphs with RRD Tool), and I have an auth problem.
I have installed .htaccess in my WEB server and I have commented the
@OK_REFERERS variable, but it shows the SNIPS auth page.
I put a correct user and it does not make anything (I have created the
authfile with the user level), it shows the SNIPS auth page again.
I put a wrong user and it makes de same.

Could you help me?

Thank you very much
Best Regards

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software