Realtime Performance Management Software from Zyrion

Zyrion Traverse is designed to be a horizontally scalable fault and performance management system for large enterprise networks, that can grow incrementally as your network grows.

It consists of distributed probes for doing the actual collection of system and network monitoring data as well as long term storage of performance management data.

A separate correlation engine (the BVE), correlates the network management and performance monitoring data to offer realtime performance management reports.

Distributed Network Management & Network Monitoring

The monitoring probes are placed close to the devices being monitored, which reduces the network traffic by localizing the queries. Additionally, all the collected data is stored locally at the probe in a distributed database architecture.

Realtime Performance Management

Zyrion Traverse was designed to offer realtime performance management. Unlike other legacy systems which batch process the data nightly, Traverse's distributed database architecture and the intelligent Business Visibility Engine allow you to get real-time performance data when you need it- on demand and in real time.

Zyrion Traverse was designed from the ground up to be a distributed, scalable Network Management and Performance Monitoring platform.