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     [nocol-users] Radius monitor issue.

Hi there,

We have recently modified our radius to have another field at the end of
the entry in the prefixes file, this entry is only a "{}" , but this
effects the way that radmon works. 
When i try a radquery without this field it works fine, however when the
field is added, i need to add "-T 0" to the radquery in order for it to
complete successfully...Rather than removing this specific entry, is it
possible to modify radmon to add this "-T 0" or equivalent to the query in
order for it to complete properly.

Has anybody seen this, or know a way round it....many thanks, or
alternatively does anybody have any manual pages on radiusmon, as these are
the only ones missing from the distribution.


Steve Foster
Senior Systems Administrator
PSINet Europe
Work: +44 (1223) 577322
Mobile: +44 (7720) 425911