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     [nocol-users] ANNOUNCE: myNMS 1.0 released

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	myNMS is (yet another) Network Management/Monitoring system, with
an emphasis on providing network managers, NOC and helpdesk staff with
information on how their LAN is connected and configured.

	It is more of a (rather ricketty :-) framework for, and collection
of, tools, to be customised and extended by users for the needs of their
own site, than a shrink-wrapped application. It is a work in progress, not
a finished product.

	It comprises tools for gathering general SNMP information from all
devices with public-read SNMP, and arp and dot1d forwarding information
from switches and routers. It gathers hostnames, netgroup and users'
passwd, email address and quota information from NIS (or other sources),
and processes squid logfiles to correlate usernames with IP and MAC

	Thus it can report on, for example, not only what IP addresses are
in use by more than one host but also what switch ports each station is on
and the users involved. Other reports on IP names and addresses show
addresses allocated but not in use, and unregistered addresses in use. For
switches and routers it reports on what host IP name & address, MAC, and
user (where known) is seen on each switch port. MAC addresses are
correlated with Vendor codes to give clues as to likely equipment on
hosts, using a Vendor list which can be extended to include new codes.
There is also a somewhat experimental report mapping switch and router

	The system is web-based (requiring cgi, and preferably mod-perl)
with a 'search' facility allowing queries on host names or IP addresses,
and on users by whole or part of username, real name or email addresses.
The web front end / query module controls users' access to myNMS reports,
and presents different index pages of myNMS and other related information
to different groups of users (e.g. NOC / helpdesk / users), integrating
with the web server's existing access-control meachnism and automating
generation of access-control lists for user groups.

	There are some demo pages showing what it looks like in operation
at the repositories, at:


	Note: I haven't done whatever I ought to 'CVS' it as I haven't had
time to set up and find out how to work with CVS. I am about to change
jobs (hence the lack of time) and so I will not be doing any more
development on this project for the forseeable future. If anyone wants to
take it over please let me know.

	Status: 'beta' (it works, but it could be betta 8^).

	The system is written in Perl, and uses net-snmp and mySQL.

	It's copyright(c) John Stumbles <john@uk.stumbles.org> and the
University of Reading, and licensed under the same terms as Perl.


John Stumbles                                      j.d.stumbles@reading.ac.uk
I.T. Services Centre,   University of Reading  http://www.rdg.ac.uk/~visstmbl
                            never generalise