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     Re: [nocol-users] Trapmon and SNMP traps

> Now my question is this.. when the trap is received, netconsole (and the
> web interface) simply show a warning for this trap, but we can't view
> the details of the trap that says specifically that the problem was
> someone tried to telnet into our firewall.  Is there a way to view this
> exact trap from the web interface?  It would provide us with so much
> more information then just the simple warning message.  Any help would
> be greatly appreciated.

Hmm, i do have the same problem. The information is not specific enough.

Maybe it's possible to run trapmon with both options "-d -n" to enable
debugging output in one file and normal nocol events in parallel.

In noclogd-confg some script can figure out the trap details
and put it in some place where it can be shown by the web interface.
trapmon         info           |/opt/nocol/bin/trap-details.pl

Or maybe easier, one fixed link in the web interface pointing to
the debugging file.

Only some ideas,

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