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     [nocol-users] NOCOL Log Collectors

I have multiple hosts which are monitoring various services and devices,
etherload and hostmon to be specific, and are collecting the datum locally.
I would like to collect the stats and data from multiple
distinct networks and place them on one log host running the genweb.pl
to display only one web page and utilize only one notifier-confg.

I've been able to configure the "log" host during the compilation of
Nocol v4.3.1 on a sun OS 5.6 server and data is being placed is the
loghost:/usr/local/nocol/logs/info file sporadically.

Has anyone else been able to implemented this feature?

Edward Concilio
GoAmerica Communications Corp.
Senior Systems Admin.
55 Broad Street
NYC, NY 10004
Tel: (212) 487-7992
Fax: (212) 509-7348