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     [nocol-users] Question about notifier-confg

The notifier module contains a feature that allows you to repeat paging
on the hour.  My questions is; If you have multiple recipients listed to
be paged, who's pager receives the hourly repeat pages?  Do they all get
re-notified on the hour?

# Event ID              Repeat paging on        Paging destination(s)
#                       the hour?               
# SITE:addr:varname     (0=no, 1=yes)          
# e.g.
# my.gw.net:       1      
bob@notifyme.com:email:5, nocol:email:0, 61417600300:page:120
# This above example sends email to bob after site is down for 5
# sends email to 'nocol' right away, and pages 61417600300 after 120

Andy Cravens