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     [nocol-users] Re(2): (nocol-users) tixwish

I'm either being completely stupid here or I just can't find it!

I've downloaded tix and installed it from this site but it doesn't 
seem to include "tixwish"

... so what file should I be looking in?

The file I downloaded is: ftp://ftp.tix.mne.com/pub/tcl/tix/Tix4.1.0.006.tar.gz

But this "tixwish" thing has so far remained well hidden, and
I've installed so much rubbish now!!!

What am I doing wrong here?


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Subject:    Re: (nocol-users) Re(2): (nocol-users) tixwish
Author: drokk@powells.com (Mathias Hansson)
Date:       17/10/2000 22:00

check out:

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 08:35:00PM +0100, Robert Lister wrote:
> Alright, what's the secret of this tixwish thing?
> I've installed tcl and tk but it still isn't there, so its
> obviously tucked away somewhere??
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Rob
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> Subject:    Re: (nocol-users) tixwish
> Author: jsills@mail.state.tn.us (Jon Sills)
> Date:       16/09/2000 19:30
> Try going to www.sunfreeware.com or ftp: ftp.sun.ca
> You can get it there.
> Jon Sills
> Senior Wide Area Network Engineer
> State of Tennessee

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