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     RE: [nocol-users] monitor FAX server and IRC port

For monitoring ports by number, I would use the port monitor.  You will have
to know what the appropriate test is to add to the string in the
portmon-confg file.  I have done some tweaking here and it works great.  If
you are running nmap, you can ensure the port is available for connection.
That's just one less thing to worry about when configuring the custom port

Stephen Thrasher
Keeping the simple simple,
making the difficult easy,
and automating the near impossible!

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Subject:	[nocol-users] monitor FAX server and IRC port

Hi ;
    I would like to monitor Fax server and IRC port . Does Nocol able to
monitor high end port? I've tried to configure portmon-conf to monitor our
fax server port (3000,3010,3020,3030) but fail to monitor those port even
though my fax servers are working .
     I really don't have idea how to configure portmon for monitoring  fax
server & IRC ports. Hopefully somebody can help .
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