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     Re: [nocol-users] Sorting & Updating

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 03:33:47PM -0600, Andy Cravens's all...
> 1)  Is it possible to modify the web interface so devices in the
> critical, error and warning view are sorted by the time they went down
> rather than alphabetically?
> 2)  Occasionally we will experience a major network outage, usually due
> to power or telco.  When this happens our help desk spends an
> significant amount of time commenting out (hiding) devices that appear
> in the Critical view.  Has anyone found a quick solution for commenting
> out a large number of devices (75 to 150)?  We primarily use the web
> interface and it gets really old clicking on each device one at a time
> to update the status.

We need to make a hierarchicalization of events, such that event
A occurs when B C and D all occur, or any in class 'e' occur. A simple
grammar could be developped to notate dependencies - something probably
already exists somewhere that could be easily inserted.

however this is a fair amount of work to implement. We really need
this but havent gotten around to it yet. What we do is just ignore
all the failures until its fixed. :) I even have a hand script to
make hylafax drop all its pager jobs for 5 minutes at a time
in such cases.

Can you say kludge?

The thing is I always intended to fix this all up, but now that we have
trainable monkey 24/7 support since we're an ISP, its much easier
to get humans to interpret the situation and delete pages and comment
out things we want to ignore.

If someone else fixes it nicely I'd be quite interested in a hierarchical
dependency system, but our incentive for creating it was diminshed when
we hired $10/hr L1 techs.. ;)

Ken Chase, math@velocet.ca  *  Velocet Communications Inc.  *  Toronto, CANADA