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     [nocol-users] can't get hostmon working

Hi all.  I'm pretty new to nocol and have had a horrible time getting
hostmon to work.  I've tried nocol 4.4 beta and 4.3 with the same
results.  I suspect I'm missing a point in the configuration process.

The hostmon.error file indicates the following:
newSocket() connect failed: Bad file descriptor

The problem seems to be that it's trying to connect to a service
listening on $HOSTMON_PORT, but there's nothing listening on that port.  
Who should listen on that port and what needs to happen to get it

Also, should noclogd be listening on port 5354 (listed as noclog in
/etc/services)?  There is nothing listening on that port, either.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Noah Meyerhans