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     Re: [nocol-users] snmpgeneric

Matt Raykowski wrote:
>         One of the things I can do with Cricket is mtargets - I can add the results
> of multiple SNMP queries.  One of the things I'm doing with NOCOL is
> monitoring how full my modem pools get, but as it stands, it's a little
> misleading in areas that have more than one termserver.  I was wondering if
> with snmpgeneric, if it's possible to add two SNMP queries together for a
> single target, i.e. adding modem states for ts1.cityname and ts2.cityname
> together.  I'm just trying to avoid writing my own snmpmon program.  (;

I cheat here. I wanted to keep usage records (we surcharge for excessive
use) so I have a perl script that connects to each server in turn and
collects who's logged in. There are 48 ports on each server so it adds an
offset--ie port 1 on server 2 is logged as port 49. It also keeps a simple
counter of the number of in-use modems. At the end of the script I then use
the standard nocollib calls to put those numbers into a dialmon-output file
in nocol/data (the same way any of the other perl-based monitor programs do
it). There's a dialmon-confg file which sets the thresholds. Kills two birds
with one stone.


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