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     [nocol-users] Strange webnocol behavior -- solved

I feel like such a newbie.   Someone else was moving big logfiles 
around, intermittently filling up the partition and causing the 
occassional set of incomplete pages, then left them there, later
causing the consistent incomplete pages.

The turf war has since been settled, and the monitors are back to
normal.  Maybe having the monitor monitor itself isn't such a weird
idea after all...


>I had the same problem running nocol on fbsd2.2.8, 3.4, 4.0 but it was
>almost every time due to lack of free disk space for user nocol ...
>(info page is about 500lines and genweb.pl running avery minute)
>On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 01:59:17PM -0400, JoJo Brooks wrote:
>> Has anyone else here seen instances where genweb.pl will sometimes
>> fail to completely generate the Info.html page?
>> I haven't yet been able to pin down a common cause, but it will
>> happen at different places in the readout, lately 2 or 3 times
>> an hour (being updated every 5 minutes).
>> I haven't seen any difference in the appearance of the same information
>> using netconsole, so I'm starting to wonder if the problem may be
>> being caused by something coming back from the remote hostmon-client,
>> or even someplace else...
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